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Highly Capable Program

The Montesano School District is accepting referrals for our Highly Capable Program in all grades K-12 for the 2018-2019 school year.

Referral forms are available in each school office and are due back to school by Friday, September 28th. You may also fill out the form online. Go to and click on Departments/Student Services/Highly Capable/Submit Referral.
Please contact Julie Aldrich at 249-4331 or for more information.

*Forms turned in after the September 28th deadline will be considered for evaluation next year.
After the referral form is turned in, parents/guardians will need to give their permission by October 5th for students to be tested. If your student has been tested for Hicap the last two consecutive years, please contact Julie Aldrich at 249-4331 before referring your child for reevaluation again this year. Students already enrolled in the Hicap Program do not retest each year.