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Pink Shirt Day - Tuesday, May 26th

Pink Shirt Day Story

Two Canadian students have sent a message to their school and to the world that bullying will not be tolerated.  It all started several years ago when a 9th grade boy came to school wearing a pink shirt and some students started bullying him.

Seniors David Shepherd and Patrick Price saw it happen and made a plan to support the 9th grade boy and to let everyone know they would not tolerate bullying at their school. They went to a nearby discount store and bought 50 pink shirts to wear to school the next day.  They then contacted classmates to get them on board with their anti-bullying cause that they called, a "sea of pink."  

The next day, hundreds of students showed up wearing pink clothes. It was a powerful moment when the bullied 9th grade student walked into school to see his fellow students decked out in pink. Some people said it looked like there was a big weight lifted off his shoulders. He went from looking depressed to being as happy as can be.

Since then, schools around the world have adopted PINK SHIRT DAY to show that students do not tolerate bullying.