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Montesano is a community where people learn,
grow and work together.  With high-quality
instruction, every student, regardless of race, class,
language, or disability, can succeed. 

Grays Harbor Mounted Posse Scholarship

Scholarships in the amount of $500.00 are available from the Grays Harbor Mounted Posse scholarship program.  The recipients will be selected on the following criteria:

 Ÿ  Equine Oriented, Ÿ  Written Resume,   Financial Need, Community Service Commitments, Ÿ  2.5 GPA Minimum, Ÿ  Graduating High School Seniors, Ÿ  May be used for any Post-secondary Education

 Applicants MUST have all scholarship application materials, to include a transcript of grades, postmarked no later than April 21, 2017, for consideration.  Any late applications CANNOT be accepted.  Scholarships awarded must be used for the 2016-17 school year.  Please submit applications to:   

Grays Harbor Mounted Posse

  P.O. Box 638

  Elma, WA   98541