Montesano School District

Excellence in Education

Montesano is a community where people learn,
grow and work together.  With high-quality
instruction, every student, regardless of race, class,
language, or disability, can succeed. 


Aldrich, Julie (Simpson: Intervention Specialist & District: Highly Capable Teacher)

Barnes, Melissa (Speech-Language Pathologist)

Brown, Shawn (Director of Teaching and Learning)

Camenzind, Linda  (Paraprofessional)

Carlson, Teresa (Physical Therapist)

Crane, Catherine (Beacon: Intervention Specialist

Duncan, Tracy (Beacon: Special Education Teacher)

Elway, Megan (Jr. Sr. High: Special Education Teacher)

Fredrickson, Mikki (Beacon: Special Education Teacher)

Hill, Londa  (Paraprofessional)

Huchings, Tonya (Paraprofessional)

Jefferson, Ellen (Beacon: Preschool)

Leach, Michelle (Paraprofessional)

Banks, Pam (Office Manager)

Moloney, Eileen (Simpson: Special Education Teacher)

Monroe, Hiroko (Paraprofessional)

Parson, Crystal (Jr. Sr. High: Special Education Teacher)

Pattison, Carmen (Jr. Sr. High: Special Education Teacher)

Ramstad, Krista (Occupational Therapist)

Rodriguez, Carolyne (Simpson: Special Education Teacher)

Schmitz, Megan (Simpson: Intervention Specialist)

Smith, Cindy (Birth-Three and Beacon: Preschool)

Smith, Diana (Beacon & Simpson: Intervention Specialist)

Trout, Tammy (Paraprofessional)