Montesano School District

Excellence in Education

Montesano is a community where people learn,
grow and work together.  With high-quality
instruction, every student, regardless of race, class,
language, or disability, can succeed. 

October Golden Ticket Winners!

The golden ticket winners for the week ending 10/06/17 are:
Lara C., Knowles D., Peter B., Ashlyn F., Ryan R., Amelia M., Tucker T., Kalisi C., J.J. M., Kayden P., Audrey D., Jaici S., Karlee W., Nathan D., Roary B., Adam S., Liam Wyatt J., Kya H., Olivia R.,
Mya P., Ezra G., Ember J., Addi K., Sara T., Zakary D., Bindi V., Rufus K., Riviera N., Patrick D.,
Skylar B., Chase P.

The golden ticket winners for the week ending 10/12/17 are:
Hannah C., J.J. M., Brennan B., Tyler J., Peter B., Madelyne W., Maddi K., Roary B., Samantha Y., Talan P., Ashlynn F., Kohwen D., Riley W., Kendall V., Emily K., Lila C., Molly K., Julien J., Jaelyn B., Eliza C., Hailey M., Regan A., Janessa L., Samantha S., Hunter M., Zack L., Hailey B., Emma S., Bindi V., Spencer M., Sam Mc., Alex S., Colton B., Kayla S., Steven D., Keira M., Carolyn F.,
Blaine S., Alex S., Leilah J., Ben S., Kolson H., Stephanie R., Tieandor O.

The golden ticket winners for the week ending 10/20/17 are:
Elizabeth S., Addison P., Amelia W., Liam Wyatt J., Gabe R., Daniel S., Dekotah P., Hazel J., Alex P., Eliza C., Kylee W., Gabby P., Ezra G., Nathan M., Parker W., Bindi V., Karissa O., Emily S., Alex J., Peyton R., Catherine P., Addisyn M., Bentley W., Lara C., Hailey M., Zayden M., Leighton S., Tyce P., Jaxson W., Eden I., Alice N., Cason B., Ava U., Nevaeh L., J.J. Mc.

The golden ticket winners for the week ending 10/27/17 are:
Luis F., Jessie L., Addi K., Karissa O., Emma C., Trenton S., Heidi S., Christian L., Landon P., Zach T., Ava P., Cody B., Kennedy M., Madeline V., Sheldon W., Cadence C., Roary B., Zane V., Nathan D., 
JJ N., Frankie B., Avari A., Patrick D., Makena B., Cade S., Ailyn H., Jaxson W., Evan S., Miley B., Karsyn P., Max P., Knowles D., Miya M., J.J Mc., Josie F., Riley B., Mary C.

September Golden Ticket Winners!

The golden ticket winners for the week ending 09/01/17 are:
William T., Maya P., Lila R., Austin B., Elijah J., Molly K., Zack B., Liam E., Zayden M., Rufus K., Wesson W., Lilly C., J.J. M., Sergio T.

The golden ticket winners for the week ending 09/08/17 are:
Kaesen S., Zakary D., Aiden A., Mariah H., Masen M., Addisyn R., Brennan B., Carter A., Kolson H., Regan R., Austin F., Ember J., Hailey M., Lucas K., Kole K., Blaine S., Donny B., Zackery B.,
Makena B., Nola P., Ben B., Maylissa S., Hailey K.

The golden ticket winners for the week ending 09/15/17 are:
Brenden S., Ava P., Daylon S., Adam S., Brodi B., Brody T., Kayden P., Audrey D., Zach T., Gabby P., Envayelin A., Chloey D., Isaac S., Kohwen D., Oscar M., Rory G., Elizabeth S., Dekotah P., Billy T., Kamron K., Brady W., Jasmin F., Zach M., Toren C., Shane G., Amelia M., Ashlynn F., Knowles D., Brooke L., Carsyn W., Jessyca G., Chelsea C.

The golden ticket winners for the week ending 09/22/17 are:
Envayelin M., Hailey M., Alayhia B., Patrick D., Makena B., Brook J., Abby H., Zackery B., Talyn P., Macye S., Tiender O., Kaleb S., Amelia W., Ailyn H., Jessie L., Mary C., Paige M., Carter C., 
Kennedy C., Sergio T., Lara C., Kyler H., Alexis B., Samantha R., Zariah J., Joel M., Molly K., 
Isaiah B., Khelai S., Austin T., Wynonna B., Danny S., Brodi B., Stephanie R., Louis W.

The golden ticket winners for the week ending 09/29/17 are:
Jaxson W., Kaleb S., Hazel J., Mason F., Ember J., Lila W., Addison P., Emily S., Kyler H., Alissa J., Gabriel T., Kolie B., Adam S., Ava C., Alyssa M., Maddie R., Makani D., Porter H., Alex S., Dekotah P., Oscar M., Maddix B., Xavier E.

Montesano School District Highly Capable (Hi-Cap) Program

September 15, 2017

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Your student has the option to be evaluated for the Montesano School District Highly Capable (Hi-Cap) Program. This program serves students in grades K-12. If your student qualifies, the services received will vary depending on his/her particular academic needs and grade level; all students will have an individual plan in place. In grades K-6, Hi-Cap students will receive differentiated instruction in their regular classrooms and participate in a weekly Extended Learning Program. In the Jr. Sr. High, students may have opportunities such as differentiated or accelerated instruction in their math and English classes, advanced placement/honors classes, Running Start, and academic consultation from the Highly Capable Coordinator.

Qualifying for the Hi-Cap Program is based on multiple parameters, including a standardized test, teacher ratings, and a compilation of student achievement data including state and district assessments. Final selection is determined by a Multidisciplinary Selection Committee. Your permission is needed to release your student from class to participate in the testing. Please fill out the permission form below and return it to your child’s school office by Friday, October 6th. Students with permission slips returned after the deadline will be considered for evaluation the following year. Testing for the Hi-Cap Program will be scheduled during October and early November.  Because we evaluate students in every grade (K-12), the process takes a significant amount of time to complete.    

Qualifying letters will be sent home after the evaluation period. If your child qualifies for the Highly Capable Program, your permission will need to be given for participation. A letter will also be sent home to families of students who do not qualify based on the evidence collected. You may request an appeal. As part of the appeals process, the committee will complete a data review for accuracy, consider any anomalies, and determine if the student will be retested. If the student still does not qualify, the team will recommend possible extended learning opportunities within the general education setting.

Our Highly Capable Program’s Appeals Process and Exit Policy are located on the reverse side of this form. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your assistance.
Julie Aldrich, Highly Capable Program Coordinator



Student Name: ________________________________ Date of Birth: _____________
Grade: ______

  • YES, I would like my student tested for the Highly Capable Program.

  • NO, I would not like my student tested for the Highly Capable Program.

Parent/Guardian Name: _____________________________________

Signature: ____________________________________________ Date: ________________      

Date Received in Office:  _______


Appeals Process

The Montesano School District has an appeals process. Qualification decisions and/or decisions about specific services provided are not subject to appeal. Appeals must be made in writing to the Highly Capable Coordinator within two weeks following notification. You may file an appeal of the selection decision based on one of the following criteria:

  • A condition or circumstance believed to have caused a misinterpretation of the testing results (for example, an incorrect birth date or grade level used in calculation of the student’s score).

  • An extraordinary circumstance occurred during the testing period that may negatively affect the validity of the test results (such as a death in the family or extreme physical ailment); this must be communicated to the district office in writing within two weeks of the end of the testing window.  

  • The suspicion of an error in the administration of the assessment.

  • A misapplication or miscalculation of the scores by the selection committee.

The Appeal Review Team will consider individual circumstances based on the above criteria only; appeals submitted for reasons other than those stated above will be denied without further consideration. No outside testing will be considered. You will be notified by mail regarding their final decision within two weeks of your written appeal. It is the Montesano School District’s goal to provide all of our students with appropriate academic services. Possible extended learning opportunities within the general education setting may be recommended for students who do not qualify for the Highly Capable Program.

Exit Policy

Exit decisions are based on:

1.  Our district’s identification process, OR

2.  A request by student/parent/legal guardian, OR

3.  The student is no longer enrolled in the district

The exit process may be initiated by the district, the student, or by a student’s parent/guardian. School personnel will base a recommendation for discontinuation of services upon reevaluation of multiple criteria such as highly capable progress reports, classroom work samples, and/or test scores. Before the district initiates the exit process, a conference will be requested with the student’s family in an effort to discuss concerns, address any issues, and improve student performance in the Highly Capable Program. A student will not be exited from the Highly Capable Program without a request for a parent/guardian conference. A written notification will occur if exiting the program is recommended by the district. If the exit process is initiated by the district, parents/guardians may appeal the exit decision in writing within two weeks of exit notification. The appeal will be heard at the building level by an exit committee, which may include the Highly Capable Coordinator, building administrator, classroom teacher, and counselor. A final decision will be made in writing within two weeks of appeal notification.


If a student/parent/guardian initiates the exit process, a written request shall be made to the Highly Capable Coordinator and a conference will be held with the exit committee.  If, after conferring with the exit committee, the parent/guardian wishes to continue with the request, the student will be exited from the program. If the student wishes to re-enter the program in the future, the Highly Capable Coordinator will determine if re-evaluation is necessary before services are resumed.

Re-entry Process

Re-entry could occur when an identified student, who withdrew from the district, re-enrolls at a later date.  Depending upon the length of the absence, the Highly Capable Coordinator will determine if re-evaluation is necessary for re-entry to the program. Parent/guardian permission is necessary for testing.

In addition, a student/parent/legal guardian can request a re-evaluation for possible resumption of services one year after the district has conducted a formal exit. Parent/guardian permission is necessary for testing.


Please join us for lunch at Simpson School Friday, June 9, 2017.   We will be serving cheeseburgers, baked beans, macaroni salad, fresh fruit and milk.  
Please R.S.V.P. to Simpson office at 249.4331.

Adult price: $3.75    Child (non-student): $2.65

3rd grade recess: 10:40-11:00 / Lunch 11:00-11:20
4th grade recess 11:00-11:20 /  Lunch 11:20-11:40
5th grade recess: 11:20-11:40 / Lunch 11:40-12:00
6th grade recess: 11:40-12:00 / Lunch 12:00-12:20

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May Golden Ticket Winners

The golden ticket winners for the week ending 5/05/17 are:
Lilly T., Blaine S., Jack H., Bode P., Caiden R., Trey S., Lucas K., Carter A., Kaden S., Ryder G.,
Wyatt G., Madeline C., Wynonna B., Reid P., Nathan M., Hunter G., Zane V., Jacob C., Zach M., Hailey M., Emily M., Brian B., Ember J.

The golden ticket winners for the week ending 5/12/17 are:
Leilah J., Jackson B., Ella W., Kyler H., Alex J., Ruby J., Tho'mas M., James B., Kolie B., Nolan S., Olivia R., Hailey G., Kayla R., Kya H., Gabe P., Audree B., Chloe O., Owen L., Zach M., Oscar M.,
Alex P., Cooper D., Riviera N., Caiden R., Emily W.

The golden ticket winners for the week ending 5/19/17 are:
Rufus K., Wesson W., Reese H., Logan E., Nevaeh J., Lilly C., Carter A., Kaesen S., Trenton S., Addisyn M., Evanjillie D., Oscar M., Carlos P., Kennedy M., Maria A., Clara R., Peyton D., Kai H.,
Halen C., Jenessa H., Cheyanne M., Jackson B., Royce G., Hudson R., Spencer M., Mason M.

The golden ticket winners for the week ending 5/26/17 are:
Rochelle B., Benny A., Reese H., Kyle C., Casey D., Kolby R., Ezra G., Brenden S., Samantha R., Jacob C., Faith R., Ella W., Zach M., Jackson B., Sheldon W., Cheyanne M., Jessie L., William B., Wynonna B., Rufus K., Kendall V., Chelsea C., Logan E., Mikayla S., Skylar B., Regan W., Lucas D., Riley W., Aydin M.

April Golden Ticket Winners

The golden ticket winners for the week ending 04/14/17 are:
Terek G., Maddix B., Paige B., Cheyanne M., Tierra C., Georgia G., Brenden S., Masen A., Zack L.,
Kai H., Clara B., Lara C., William T., Elijah J., Ezra G., Amelia H., Keira M., Faith R., Jesse B., Kendra B., Liam E., Kayla R., Liam Wyatt M.

The golden ticket winners for the week ending 04/21/17 are:
Ezra G., Emerson B., Ruby J., Tierra C., Talan P., Jeremiah K., Spencer M., Emma C., Jessie L., 
Brodi B., Nevaeh L., Tyce P., Reid P., Palix B., Mckenzie C., Jacob C., Zack B., Cohen S., Alex P., Daunt H., Dakota C., Clara R., Kyle C., Hailey M., Carolina R., Brian B., Olivia F.

The golden ticket winners for the week ending 04/28/17 are:
Cheyanne M., Zane V., Trenton S., Kyle C., Kaydaince C., Kennedy M., Hudson R., Kadynce M., Precious M., Reese H., Logan P., Skylar B., T'Kyah M., Brenden S., Riley W., Caden J., Paige B.,
Rhylie C., Madeline V., Clara R., Hunter M., Emma G., Thomas F., Savannah W., Asher H., Nevaeh J., Reghann F.


March Golden Ticket Winners

The golden ticket winners for the week ending 3/03/17 are:
Elijah B., Mason F., McKenzie C., Grady W., Audree D., Hailey G., Kai H., Kyler H., Kennedy M.,
Maria A., Joel K., Reghan F., Kylee W., Hunter G., Thomas F., Madison L., Tanner M., Tierra C., Spencer M., Carlos P., Luke R., Paige M., Ruby J., Cadence C., Cory A.

The golden ticket winners for the week ending 3/10/17 are:
Brooke C., Jasmin F., Zander J., Pierce G., Myranda J., Cooper D., Tyler J., Leilah J., Nigel F., Kole K., Ariana B., McKenzie C., Carmen B., Savannah S., Jesse B., Thomas F., Cohen S., Emma G., Faith R., Joel K., Maggi K., Ava S., Asher H., Donny B., Annalise M., Bianca G., Maria A., Bode P., Graycen G.

The golden ticket winners for the week ending 3/17/17 are:
Jenessa H., Evan S., Aubrey F., Kaydaice C., David H., Madeline C., Jessan S., Cohen A., Rhylie C., Evanjillie D., Emma C., Ava P., Hailey W., Christian O., Jasmin F., Kayla S., Mariah H., Oscar M., Samantha M., Riviera N., Talan P., Kyle C., Olivia F., Addisyn M., Porter H.

The golden ticket winners for the week ending 3/24/17 are:
Kaydaince C., Maddix B., Carolina R., Zack L., Trenton S., Christian L., Riley W., Billy T., Samantha S., Chelsea C., Heidi S., Benny A., Scotty P., Aubrey F., Donny B., Jesse A., Brook J., Madison L., 
Bianca G., Maddison V., Tho'mas M., Sophia C., Lila W., Sheldon W., Logan P.

The golden ticket winners for the week ending 3/31/17 are:
Kyle C., Regan W., Skylar C., Isac M., Sergio T., Lara C., Jenessa H., Toren C., Wyatt G., Mason M., Aubrey F., Kadynce M., Kaydaince C., Alex P.,  T'Kyah M., Savannah S., Addi K., Xeviea M., Gabby P., Carter C., Jackson R., Samantha R., Sheldon W., Addisyn M., Jaxson W.

February Golden Ticket Winners

The golden ticket winners for the week ending 02/03/17 are:
Jessyca G., Shane G., Addi K., Hunter G., Amelia H., Asher H., Willobelle V., Haylee H., Olivia R., Dekotah P., Dane K., Gabe B., Brendyn S., Hailey A., Heidi S., Danny S., Chloe O., Ellie R., Blaine S., Porter H., Adam S., Zane V., Emerson B., Maggi K., Carter A.

The golden ticket winners for the week ending 02/10/17 are:
Rufus K., Talan P., Masen A., Hailey B., Cooper D., Ford H., Carolyn F., Emma C., Nolan S., Blaine S., Toby B., Gabe B., Addisyn M., Daunte H., Haylee M., Alli M., Jaegger M., Ellie R., Kaesen S., Rossi N., Landon P., Madison L., Zack T., McKynnlie D.

The golden ticket winners for the week ending 02/16/17 are:
Anthony W., Liam W., Dakota B., Reese H., Madeline C., Keira M., Jasmin F., Jeremiah K., Kyler H., Madison L., Leilah J., Ethan Y., Nevaeh J., Parker W., Blaine S., Lara C., Aydin M., Jacob H., 
Jessyca G., Kristina W., Emerson B., Callie G., Nolan S., Samantha M., Addi K., Mason M.

The golden ticket winners for the week ending 02/24/17 are:
Jayvin P., Grayden P., Mason F., Jacob H., Clara R., Kyle C., Oscar A., Isabella C., Zack L., Zackery B., Keira M., Camille L., Hunter P., Dekotah P., Landon P., Carsyn W., Nathan M., Lila W., Spencer M., Emma G., Matthew C., Lilly S., Kinslee D., Cody B., Willobelle V.

January Golden Ticket Winners

The golden ticket winners for the week ending 01/06/17 are:
Maddix B., Hayden S., Jasmin F., Addisyn M., Jordyn J., Vanna P., Hanna R., Aurelia M., Jaiden K., McKynnlie D., Donny B., Dekotah P., Chloe O., Bode P., Shane G., Maria C., Cheyenne M., Carlos P., Bindi V., Mady R.

The golden ticket winners for the week ending 01/13/17 are:
Baylee F., Ethan L., Emma G., Carolyn F., Zackery B., Regan W., Colton S., Haydenn S., Leilah J., Kole K., Reagan A., Emma C., Carter A., Maddix B., Reese H., Tupper C., Alex P., Hailee G., 
Mikayla S., Elizabeth Y., Carter C., Peyton D., Leone D., Madison L., Jacob C., Isaac S., Mya P., Kennedy M., Gabe P., Isac S.

The golden ticket winners for the week ending 01/20/17 are:
Nikkole C., Ashlynn F., Emily W., Jasmin F., Wesson W., Ezra G., Talan P., Lilly C., Bode P., Esthefany V., Hailey G., Lilly C., Kole K., Zack B., Lila W., Rhylie C., Masen A., Ava C., Faith M., Reghann F., Mason F., Grayden P., Luke M., Chloe O., Faith R.

The golden ticket winners for the week ending 01/27/17 are:
Jackson R., Jack P., Aaron T., Alannah H., Shane G., Alex P., Hannah B., Audree D., Olivia R.,
Chase T., Zack L., Aubrey F., Samantha R., Alli M., Mason M., Sam M., Zak D., Tristan S., Spencer M., Reid P., Kendall V., Kayla R., Keira M., Hailey M.

Winter Concerts

Simpson Elementary winter concert schedules are as follows:

Monday, December 12th - 3rd Grade Concert

Tuesday, December 13th - 5th Grade & Honor Choir Concert

Wednesday, December 14th - 6th Grade & Drumming Concert

Thursday, December 15th - 4th Grade Concert

All concerts will be held in the Simpson gym and are scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m. Doors will open at 6:15 p.m.  We hope to see you all there!

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Food Bowl Spirit Week!

Simpson ASB officers are encouraging staff and students to participate in the food bowl spirit week, December 5-9. In order for students to dress up, they need to bring a non-perishable food item or cash donation. There will be a class competition for the class who collects the most food/money. Students may dress up accordingly for the following days:

Monday: Pajama Day/Crazy Hair Day

Tuesday: Crazy Hat Day

Wednesday: College Day

Thursday: Dress Alike Day

Friday: Class Color Day - wear your class color:
3rd grade: Red
4th grade: Black
5th grade: Purple
6th grade: Blue

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November Golden Ticket Winners

The golden ticket winners for the week ending 11/04/16 are:
Spencer M., Emerson B., Shane G., Jack H., Carlos P., Reagan A., Leihla J., Hailey M., Sebastian S., Carolina R., Kendall V., Ashlynn F., Brady W., Cooper D., Addisyn M., Sergio T., Jordyn J., 
Envayelin M., Lucas D., Cheyanne T., Rossi N., Paige B., Gavin L., Graycen G.

The golden ticket winners for the week ending 11/10/16 are:
Rufus K., Maddix B., Danny S., Jayvin P., JJ M., Jasmin F., Hailey G., Daunte H., Billy T., Scott D., Kaylynn V., Travis B., Alex B., Cadence C., Madison R., Amelia H., Dekotah P., Madison L., Olivia R., Aiden A., Zackery B., Kyler H., Talan T., Emily S., Samantha S.

The golden ticket winners for the week ending 11/18/16 are:
Ethan Y., Emma G., Elijah B., Myranda J., Grayden R., Jayvin P., Wyatt L., Kyler H., Daunte H.,
Aurelia M., Royce G., Nolan S., Willobelle V., Jack H., Zackery B., Ruby J., Owen L., Isac M., Luke R., Halen C.

The golden ticket winners for the week ending 11/23/16 are:
Bailey M., Ember J., Regan W., Jasmin F., Envayelin A., Ava P., Kai H., Jackson G., Sheldon W., Haylee H., Kinslee D., Peyton D., Reid P., Savannah S., Mikayla S., Alisyn P., Paige B., Trenton S., Mason F., Rufus K., Kona C., Madelyne W., Jayvin P., Kayla R., Madi V.