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Husky Stadium - Fastpitch Field

Seattle , WA

At Exit 168B take ramp right for SR-520 East toward Bellevue/Kirkland.  Take ramp right for the Montlake Boulevard exit. Go left on Montlake Blvd. crossing the drawbridge and then travel past the Bank of America Arena and theIntramural Activities Center. As soon as you pass the Intramural ActivitiesCenter take the first right. To your left will be the E1 parking lot, and directly in front of you will be baseball field. The road you are on is called Walla Walla Road, stay on it as it takes a sharp right in front of the baseball field. Continue on Walla Walla road, you will drive by some parking lots and the backside of the Intramural Activities center. As soon as you pass the Conibear Shellhouse the road will fork; take the left fork. Stay on Walla Walla road until the Softball Field appears on your right.