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HS ASB Meeting, February Minutes

February 8

ASB Meeting

1.Opening ceremony

    A) Meeting called to order 8:52

    B) Flag salute

    C) Roll call and quorum  

        -22 people (quorum met)

2. Minutes of previous meeting not available.

    A) Will read January’s minutes next meeting for approval.

3.Officer’s reports

    A.) Treasurer’s report N/A

4.) Old Business

    A.) Blood drive

        -went well

                    -8:30 to 2:30

    B.) Concessions

        - something we may think about doing next year

        - split in half with junior high

    C.) Heart week

        - went very well for the first time

        - other clubs can be put on just need to be approved

    D.) Signs in hallway

        - has to have the approved stamp

        - signs will be taken down if it doesn't have a stamp

        - on every  Tuesday a committee will meet to approve signs

5) New Business

    A.) elections

        -elections in April

        - earlier than last year

        - 5 elected positions, 2 appointed

    B.) budget

        - go back to clubs and create this coming year’s budget

        - list all expenses and incomes

        - A.S.B. approves all other budgets

        - due april 17th

    C.) spike tryouts

        - 8th-11th

        - will be the same week as elections

6) closure  

    Brooke motioned to adjourn the meeting.  Josie seconded.  Motion passed.  

Meeting adjourned at 9:11AM.