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2015-2016 Food Bowl Schedule of Events

The Food Bowl season has arrived. Once again, Montesano High School is competing against Elma High School to see which school can raise the most money and food to support our local food banks. Food Bowl begins Friday, December 4 and ends Tuesday, December 15.

Even more than last year, the need for food in our community is at an all-time high. Any support you are willing to give is greatly appreciated. Monetary donations allow the food bank to buy food at a lower cost.  It’s also more advantageous in the competition because each dollar is worth two pounds.  Your support of this worthy community event is very much appreciated.  

We have scheduled many events to help with raising money for Food Bowl that we think will be a lot of fun as well as help the Montesano Food Bank.  To see the calendar of events, please click on the following link:

Food Bowl Calendar of Events

Remember, the real winners are the Food Banks and everyone they help in our communities.   




Food Bowl Totals

Congratulations to the students and staff at Montesano for their tremendous efforts in raising food and money for the 2014 Food Bowl. Monte kids with the support of our community raised 14,940 pounds in food and $33,337.51 in money that goes directly to the food bank in Montesano. 

Without the hard work from our students and the support of the community this would never be possible. I am well aware of how activities like Food Bowl take away from instruction in the classroom. Sometimes the lessons that stay us the longest are not those learned in a book. 

Way to go Bulldogs...... 


Once again it is that time of year to collect money and food to benefit our local food bank.  For those who don't know, we hold a competition between Elma High School and Montesano High School to see who can raise the most money and collect the largest amount of food for their respective food banks.  The winning school then gets bragging rights with their name on a trophy.  

However, the real winners are the food banks.  It is always heartwarming to see how much our small community donates to such a worthy cause.  This year, students will be collecting at the stoplight, during the Festival of Lights parade, and during numerous fundraisers.  The paper bag drive will begin Sunday, November 30 and is an easy way for the community to donate food.  Without leaving the comfort of your home, bags will be picked up Sunday, December 7.

Some of the fundraisers we'll have this year include, an Old Time Radio Show on Saturday, December 6, Boys Buff Volleyball Tournament, McTakeover, Talent Show, Dessert Bingo and a Silent Auction in the High School Office, with lots of great items for the public to bid on.

You can also donate online through our "Bulldog Online Store" beginning December 5.  Just go to the search box on this website and type in Bulldog Online Store.  Select Jr/Sr High School Online Store and then select "Click here to go to our store. Once you enter the Online Store, select Fundraisers, select Food Bowl (should be the first button) and choose an amount to donate.  No amount is too small.

Food Bowl begins Friday, December 5, and the weigh-in is on Tuesday, December 16 at 3:30 pm.  Don't forget, your donations are tax deductible.

Again, thank you for supporting Montesano High School in our mission to raise food and money to fill our food bank.  Your support is truly appreciated.


Food Bowl Flyer

Food Bowl Calendar