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It starts here: Why kids should be involved in school athletics:

I recently read an article in the November issue of High School Today about how involvement in school, particularly athletics, can be a savior for many kids.  The article discussed how involvement in athletics/activities from suspension, drugs, and other perils that youth face today. 

In the article Louis Zamperini of Unbroken fame was this young man. (If you haven't read the book I highly recommend it) Louis was a youth lost and out of control when his PE teacher noticed his athletic ability and got him to turn out for cross-county. In his sophomore year he won the California state cross-country championship. He would graduate and attend USC on a track scholarship, and then earn a spot on the 1936 Olympic team that competed in Berlin. 

His story did not end there and is one of great courage and perseverance through many hardships but he said he always relied on the work ethic and closeness he gained through his participation in athletics during high school that saved his life. 

Keeping your kids involved in school whether through athletics or through activities can make a tremendous difference for them.. I always encourage our students to be involved in as much as they can as these four years will pass by before you know it.