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Montesano is a community where people learn,
grow and work together.  With high-quality
instruction, every student, regardless of race, class,
language, or disability, can succeed. 

Chicken Pox

A student at Montesano Jr/Sr High School has recently been diagnosed with Chicken Pox. This is a good reminder for all parents to check your student’s vaccinations to make sure they are up-to-date. Please report any Chicken Pox symptoms to our school nurse for evaluation.

Healthy Youth Survey

Our school will participate in the Healthy Youth Survey this Fall.  

The survey asks questions about risks for injury, health outcomes, and alcohol and drug use. Schools, and state and local agencies use survey results to support our youth and reduce their risks. The Healthy Youth Survey is voluntary and anonymous and provides important information to guide policy and programs that serve our youth.

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Bulldog Attendance Reminder

Welcome Back Bulldogs!

Attendance is important for your success at MHS!

Please remember that excused absences are limited to one of the following:

  • Illness (Doctor’s note after three days)

  • Medical appointments

  • Bereavement

  • Family Emergency

  • Religious related events

In the event that travel is necessary while school is in session, please contact the Attendance desk, at 360.249.1634, to request a  Pre-Excused Absence Form.  Requests MUST be made at least 1 week prior to absence.

We are looking forward to an exciting, new year...Go Dogs!

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2018-2019 Annual Student Information Update (current students only)

The Annual Student Information Update for the 2018-2019 school year will open on Monday, August 13th.  This required annual update is for returning students only (including incoming 7th graders from Simpson School) and is 100% online through Skyward Family Access.  (Students NEW to the Montesano School District should go to New Student Enrollment on the Montesano Jr/Sr High Website.)

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Guest Speaker (Sophomores & Juniors)

On Wednesday, April 18th, the Montesano High School Sophomores and Juniors taking Modern World History or U.S. History II will have an opportunity to attend a presentation on the Holocaust.  Students in these two classes study World War II as a major part of the content of both courses.  This year we have an opportunity for a guest speaker to come and give a presentation on her family’s experience with the Holocaust and the impact it has had on her life. We hope that by listening to someone with a personal connection to this tragedy his/her story, it will create a meaningful learning experience for our students.  

Parents and community members are invited to attend an evening presentation on Tuesday, April 17th, from 6:30-7:30 PM in the Montesano High School Library.  Please contact MHS or your child’s teacher if you have any questions.

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Montesano High School Letter of Intent/Signing Day

The Montesano High School Letter of Intent/Signing Day will be Friday, April 20th at 9:30AM in the MHS Commons.  If your student-athlete-musician-other has received a letter of intent, we would like to help you celebrate their achievement.  Your student needs to notify the Office and let us know if they would like to attend this event and if so, what and who are they are signing for.  And you are welcome to come celebrate their achievements with them on April 20th!

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MHS Hall of Fame - 2018 Inductees

This past weekend, Montesano hosted the MHS Hall of Fame.  The 2018 inductees were as follows:

· Alumni Allan Mustard, Class of 1973 & Dr. Louise Baxter, Class of 1977

· Teacher Rick Bergholz

· Female Athlete Joely Eilers, Class of 1987

· Male Athlete Adam Bighill, Class of 2007

· 1998 State Championship Girls Softball Team

Congratulations and Go Dogs!

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Guest Speakers coming to MHS

On Tuesday, March 27th, we will be having the following guest speakers at MHS:

High School Presentation:

Drew McDaniel, Director of Columbia Wellness, and Alice Larsen, Manager of Grays Harbor Crisis Clinic will be discussing the suicide prevention presentation, 5 for Life.  This presentation will occur in history classes.  Not all students will be able to attend due to time and space requirements, but if you would like your child to attend the presentation, please have your son or daughter contact the high school office at 360.249.4041.  We will have additional counselors available during and after the presentation if students need to talk or would like more resources from Columbia Wellness.

Junior High Presentation:

Detective Jay Staton and Chief of Police Brett Vance from the Montesano Police Department will be discussing social media and sharing pictures in the digital world.  They will be accompanied by prosecuting attorneys from Grays Harbor County.  The main goal of the presentation is to educate students on the dangers of posting and/or sharing inappropriate pictures with one another and on the internet.  The presentation will take place in their English classroom.  With access to technology growing in and out of school, we feel it is important to work with parents to educate our students on using media in a safe and educational manner.  If you have questions or concerns about your child attending this presentation, please call our high school office at 360.249.4041.

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Yearbook Senior Ad Pages

The senior ad pages for the Yearbook are selling fast!  If you plan on purchasing an ad for your Senior, start by downloading the THIS FORM and submitting it to Buffy in the Bookkeeping Office.  This will hold your space.  Half pages are $125, and full page ads are $200. The deadline to submit your pictures and text for these ads is Wednesday, January 5th!  Don’t delay ~ reserve your space today!

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