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Financial Aid Night for Senior Parents

Wednesday, October 18th, we will be having Financial Aid Night for Senior parents at 5:30PM in room 309.  Representatives from Grays Harbor College Financial aid office will be on hand to help answer your questions regarding the FAFSA. It does not matter what college your son or daughter is attending, they will work with everyone to help them through the FAFSA process. We hope you'll join us!

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Tami Herzog, a 1982 Elma High School Graduate and a Montesano High School Counselor, has recently been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma Cancer and Bone Marrow Cancer. In honor of Tami and others who are in need of a stem cell transplant, Montesano's FFCLA will be partnering with Elma's FFA to put on a Be The Match at this year's Monte vs. Elma rival football game October 27th.

Come out and watch some great football and become part of the international bone marrow registry! 

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Educational Effectiveness Survey Parent Online Survey

This survey will provide our staff and leadership valuable information and feedback about of school environment.  The survey results will be used to create building and administration goals.

  • Parents will choose their preferred language (English or Spanish) before completing the rest of the survey.
  •  The survey will take no more than 10 minutes to complete
  •   The survey window will close upon completion.

MSD Highly Capable Program

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Your student has the option to be evaluated for the Montesano School District Highly Capable (Hi-Cap) Program. This program serves students in grades K-12. If your student qualifies, the services received will vary depending on his/her particular academic needs and grade level; all students will have an individual plan in place. In grades K-6, Hi-Cap students will receive differentiated instruction in their regular classrooms and participate in a weekly Extended Learning Program. In the Jr. Sr. High, students may have opportunities such as differentiated or accelerated instruction in their math and English classes, advanced placement/honors classes, Running Start, and academic consultation from the Highly Capable Coordinator.

Qualifying for the Hi-Cap Program is based on multiple parameters, including a standardized test, teacher ratings, and a compilation of student achievement data including state and district assessments. Final selection is determined by a Multidisciplinary Selection Committee. Your permission is needed to release your student from class to participate in the testing. Please fill out the permission form below and return it to your child’s school office by Friday, October 6th. Students with permission slips returned after the deadline will be considered for evaluation the following year. Testing for the Hi-Cap Program will be scheduled during October and early November.  Because we evaluate students in every grade (K-12), the process takes a significant amount of time to complete.    

Qualifying letters will be sent home after the evaluation period. If your child qualifies for the Highly Capable Program, your permission will need to be given for participation. A letter will also be sent home to families of students who do not qualify based on the evidence collected. You may request an appeal. As part of the appeals process, the committee will complete a data review for accuracy, consider any anomalies, and determine if the student will be retested. If the student still does not qualify, the team will recommend possible extended learning opportunities within the general education setting.

Our Highly Capable Program’s Appeals Process and Exit Policy are located on the reverse side of this form. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Thank you for your assistance.

Julie Aldrich, Highly Capable Program Coordinator


Full letter and Permission Form, PDF

7th Grade Orientation

Welcome 7th graders, the Class of 2023!  We're excited to have you here!  There will be an important 7th grade Orientation on Thursday, August 24th at 6:00PM in the MHS Commons.  You can take a look at where your child’s classrooms are located; meet the Principal, Assistant Principal, Counseling office staff, office staff and other staff members.  You can also take care of athletic papers required for your student to participate in a sport.  This is an important night for you and your 7th grader and we strongly urge you and your student to attend.

Annual Student Information Update

The Annual Student Information Update will open on August 14th.  Letters were mailed home last week explaining this process.   This information update is for all existing students (including our incoming 7th graders) and must be completed before the student returns to school on August 30th

Click here for more details regarding the Annual Student Information Update.  

Smarter Balanced Assessment System and the Class of 2019

The Smarter Balanced Assessment system measures what students have learned in English Language Arts and math. The assessment system is aligned to Washington State Learning Standards. Smarter Balanced assessments are not timed, and testing will occur in multiple sessions. Our first session for the Class of 2018 will begin Monday, May 1. The 10th grade students in Mr. Olsen's English classes will begin then. The 10th grade students in Mrs. Martin's English classes and Ms. Pattison's English classes will begin Tuesday, May 2. All of the sophomores will have ample time during the next two weeks to take the English Language Arts and math tests. If sophomore students need more time to complete the tests, additional time will be provided.

Here are links to additional graduation requirements -

Every 32 Minutes Program


On Wednesday, April 12th & Thursday, April 13th, Montesano Jr/Sr High School will be participating in the Every 32 Minutes program.

The Every 32 Minutes program is widely used among law enforcement in addressing reducing teen driving fatality and serious injury.   The Region 2 Target Zero Task Force partner with emergency responders including law, fire, aid, prosecutors, coroners, Airlift Northwest, substance prevention and 911 to bring students a firsthand look at fatality collisions.  The national statistic is every 32 minutes someone is killed by an impaired driver.  

Every 32 minutes a dispatch will go over the all school intercom of an accident involving one of the preselected students who are representing victims of traffic fatalities.  A sibling or best friend of the “victim” reads an obituary they have written live over the intercom.   Meanwhile, in the classroom paramedics place the fatal student on a stretcher and covered with a white sheet.  The student is taken to a staging area and will not return to class or have access to cell phone or social media.  This continues every 32 minutes all day.  During the day a large scale mock crash will occur outside with a massive emergency response including a Airlift helicopter.  Some families will receive a visit from law enforcement and go through what would happen had their student actually been involved in a fatal accident. 

The program is completed with an all school assembly that the parents are invited to attend.  Parents speak about what that death notification was like, students speak about the experience, and real victims speak about how their lives are forever changed.  Professionals speak on how to make better choices and law enforcement speaks on consequences.  Data shows us this program is highly effective at reducing serious injury and fatal collisions in youth.  The average reduction we experience is up to 65%.  The timing of this event is during the peak season with prom, graduation, and summer months. 

2017 Senior Boards

The 2017 Senior Boards are April 18, 19 and 20. There will be additional dates to accommodate our Running Start students' schedules.

The presentation is a senior's opportunity to show that he or she has mastered skills required for a Washington State high school diploma, as well as demonstrate readiness for life after high school. It is also the community's opportunity to celebrate and honor the Class of 2017's accomplishments.