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Emergency Closure Information

Montesano School District uses FlashNews & FlashAlert as a means of communicating to the public in the event of school schedule changes/closures due to inclement weather or an emergency. The following is a list of how parents can access the emergency information.


1. FLASH ALERT for subscribers:

A message will appear on your requested method of communication; email and/or cell phone. For information on how to subscribe to this FREE service, please visit our website or contact the district office at (360) 249-3942.

 2. School District WEBSITE:

Click on EMERGENCY ANNOUNCEMENTS to view emergency information.

3. District Office: (360) 249-3942

A recorded message from the district office will announce any school schedule changes or emergency closures.


4. The following Stations will have the public information from FLASHNEWS between 6:00 a.m. – 7:00 a.m.:





  • FOX Q13 NEWS

Local radio stations will report information as provided by FLASHNEWS. 

The following descriptions may appear on local news stations between 6:00 a.m. – 7:00 a.m.:

  • Schools Closed - All after school activities will also be cancelled.

  • Late Start – Schools will begin 1- 2 hours late based upon weather or emergency conditions.

  • Regular Bus Route - No changes.

  • Limited Bus Schedule - Pickups are limited. Schedule is determined on a route-to-route basis. Contact the Transportation Department at (360) 249-5454 for details.

    • Afternoon runs will go to the end of all routes unless an extreme situation develops. If that should happen, the information will be available on the District Office main phone line – option 4 and the transportation phone line. Every attempt will be made to coordinate with parents to ensure that students have transportation home.


  • Preschool : No morning sessions for Preschool. The afternoon session will remain as scheduled unless otherwise announced.

  • Breakfast will not be served on late start days.

  • Lunch will be served on late start days.

  • After school activities will remain as scheduled unless otherwise announced.