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Washington Aerospace Scholarships


What is Washington Aerospace Scholars?

Washington Aerospace Scholars (WAS) is an educational program for high school juniors from across Washington State. The WAS program emphasizes science, technology, engineering and math, and encourages students to consider careers in these fields. Thanks to the Washington Aerospace Scholars Foundation, the entire program is offered at no cost to participants; this includes the educational experience, travel, meals and lodging expenses.

The program is divided into two components – the online curriculum and the summer residency.

  • Phase One, distance learning using a NASA-designed, online curriculum, consists of ten lessons and a final project. The curriculum covers the history and future of space exploration; students complete readings, compose essays, design graphics, and solve mathematic problems. 
  • Phase Two is a six-day summer residency experience hosted by the Museum of Flight.  To earn a space in this summer residency, students are expected to meet deadlines and show mastery of the Phase One curriculum; up to 160 of the top-performing students will be invited to participate in the Summer Residency based on their academic  performance in Phase One.  During the residency students are guided by professional engineers and educators as they design a human mission to Mars, tour engineering facilities, receive briefings from experts in the field, and compete in hands-on engineering challenges.

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