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Halloween Guidelines

Halloween Guidelines for Beacon Elementary and Simpson Elementary

Parents/Guardians: Please adhere to the following Halloween guidelines at school.

Class Parties

• Parties are at the discretion of the classroom teacher.

• Parties are low key events with minimal amount of food. Teachers will establish guidelines for treats that consider the school district’s nutritional guidelines and allergies of students in the class.

• Please do not send food/candy items to school without a teacher’s permission.

• All food must be purchased from a store and be sent to school in the original sealed containers or bags. Fruit that is sliced must be sliced at school.


Students may wear costumes to school on Halloween (October 31). The following rules apply:

• Students need to come to school in their costumes. Please include a comfortable alternative in their backpack in case they can no longer tolerate the costume.

• The following are NOT permitted:

• Masks

• Face paint

• Violent or inappropriate themes

• Gory or grotesque costumes

• Props (no swords, weapons, wands, false teeth, etc.)

• Costumes may not cause disruption or distraction to the school program. Costumes may not interfere with students sitting at their desks. Students must be able to wear their costume inside or outside, at recess, at P.E., on the bus, etc.

• Costumes should not interfere with the ability of a student to go to the bathroom by themselves.

• Students must wear shoes that are appropriate for school.

• The school is not responsible for costumes that are torn or damaged while at school. Please remember that students can be very physical during recess and P.E.

• Consider choosing costumes with a “Falloween” theme in which images of pumpkins and leaves replace those of witches and ghosts.

• Consider having your child dress in festive fall colors as an alternative to wearing a costume.

• If you have costumes you’d like to donate, please send them to the main office.

A reminder that October 31 is considered a regular school day. The regular schedule

will be followed throughout the day unless a teacher chooses to have a class party.

Students need to come ready to be involved in learning activities.

Halloween Guidelines