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The Great Pumpkin Reading Challenge

Beacon students will participate in The Great Pumpkin Reading Challenge October 9 - 30. The challenge is designed to promote reading, and the goal is to create a special “Reading Pumpkin Patch” in each classroom. The pumpkin patch is created when students read at home (or the younger students are read to) and parents sign a reading participation pumpkin. This pumpkin is then added to the patch when a student brings it with a signature from home. The number of minutes students read will be recorded in each classroom. If students are successful in creating a worthy pumpkin patch, as indicated by the total number of minutes read, the class will receive a Great Pumpkin reward party. As the Reading Pumpkin Patch grows, The Great Pumpkin will be watching and visiting. Students should look for signs that The Great Pumpkin has visited their classroom. So read at home, and make those pumpkin patches grow!