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Click Here to go to Scootpad

ScootPad is an online learning program designed to help children practice Math, Reading, and Spelling curriculum with summer assignments to complete at their own pace. You and your child can extend beyond assignments and advance to even higher learning challenges.

All Kindergarten through third grade students are already enrolled in ScootPad.  Please remember, the subscription has been paid, and all activities are free. No additional purchases are necessary. When your child logs on, it is NOT NECESSARY to click on “Enroll Today.” Your child is already enrolled, and the subscription is paid.
It’s likely 80% of the families will use it, so we felt it was well worth the investment. For current students in Kindergarten, first, and second grade, this subscription will continue throughout the year.
Maintaining and/or strengthening current skill levels will help your child make the transition into the next grade in September. In our experience, students often lose two to three months of grade-level equivalency in Math and Reading during the summer months. Practice will be just a click away. With your support at home, your child is bound to benefit from these learning opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Scootpad

A. An online Math and Reading practice platform for Common Core Standards. All K-3 Beacon students have access. If you have questions, please contact your child's teacher.

Q.  My child has logged in.   How do I follow the directions you sent home?
A.  You have a separate account than your child.  Create your own account.  Follow these instructions to create your FREE Parent account on ScootPad:  DO NOT Add a new account for your child.  We have already created an account and you just need to access it using the code provided!

  1. Go to URL:
  2. Sign Up using email / Facebook / Google and Choose I'm a Parent.
  3. Click "Access a Kid" and enter this student code (this was provided to you)

Upon completing these 3 steps, your parent account will be created with access to your child's progress & reports