Yearbooks are $60 and are sold on a first-come, first-served basis until the last day of school.  Yearbooks cost $77 to produce and $17 per book is subsidized by ad sales.   Order forms are available at registration, in Lori Benedict's office, or you may download the .pdf to print and bring to the school.  Customization options are available on books ordered before Christmas Break only.
Senior ads are available to order until Friday, January 7, 2014 and all pictures and text must be submitted by then.  Ads must be paid in full by graduation.   
If you have a problem downloading either order form, please contact Mr.Fornia: 
Frequently Asked Questions-
When are senior pictures due?
Senior Pictures are Due Monday, December 1.  See below for more information about size and formatting.  
Email your senior picture to:
Our staff will photograph your senior at school if we do not have your pictures on time.
How do I order a Senior Recognition Ad?  How much does it cost?
Please scroll to the bottom of the page for Senior Ad information, including a downloadable order form.
How do I get my pictures in the yearbook?
Email them to    We can't promise that every picture will get in, but we would love to see your pictures.  If we decide to use one of your pictures, we will contact you.  At that time, we would like you to remove it from the web- yes, facebook- until after the yearbook is released.
Until when can I order a yearbook?
We order a limited number of books each year, and sell them on a first come, first serve basis.  Yearbooks usually arrive the last week of May, and there are usually some for sale then, but no guarantees.  We suggest ordering as soon as possible in case we run out.  
General Info-
Yearbooks cost $60. Personalization and accessories are available at an additional cost (see order form).  The price will not change during the school year.
Online ordering is no longer available. 
 -order in person at the high school office, pay Lori Benedict (249-1632).  Order forms available with Lori Benedict.
-ORDER FORM- we would prefer that you use one of our official, pink order forms (available from Lori Benedict), but if you are unable to get one from the school, you may download the file by clicking here-
Senior pictures MUST BE SUBMITTED BY Tuesday, January 7.
>>>>>>please email all digital photographs to-
If you only have printed photos and are unable to scan them, please submit the printed photo to Lori Benedict.
You will receive a confirmation that we have received it and that it meets specifications.  If you do not receive a confirmation email within two business days of emailing your photo, please call Mr. Fornia @ 249.1672.


Senior pictures should be no less than 300dpi (high-resolution) and must be at least 3" wide in .jpg format.  If you cannot get a .jpg, send us what you have, we can probably convert it.  We would prefer the original image taken by the camera or the LARGE touched-up version, even if it is very large.  IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A DIGITAL COPY OF THE PICTURE, please submit the printed photograph to Lori Benedict. 


>>>If we do not have a picture of your senior by January 9, we will use the LifeTouch picture taken for ASB cards.  If your student missed both picture days, we will photograph them at school on January 9.  If they are absent, they will not be in the yearbook. 

Senior Recognition Ads
We are only reserving 24 pages for senior ads, which will sell on a first-come, first-served basis.  Order your senior ad as soon as possible, and submit all required materials by Friday, February 14, 2014.   Ads must be paid for by the end of the year and you may arrange a deposit/payment system with Lori Benedict.  If you need additional time to get your photos/text ready, please contact Mr. Fornia at so we can reserve a page for you.  If we have not been contacted by this date, the page in the yearbook will be dedicated to something else.  Late ordering is not possible in this situation because the number of pages in our book is predetermined and we cannot add pages later.
All payments must be submitted by graduation.  Payment options may be determined by you and Lori Benedict.
To order-
1- Bring in your order form (one was mailed to all senior parents in October) or pick up a new form at the high school from Lori Benedict.  Download a pdf version of the form here-
2- Submit your pictures to Lori Benedict.  Digital images may be on CD, flash drive, or SD card.  Printed images will be scanned by our yearbook staff and returned to Lori Benedict for your pickup.  We will contact you when they are ready. 
3- Email the text for your ad to (preferred) -or- include the written/typed text with your images.

Senior Recognition Ads-     FULL PAGE (8.5 X11)   $200        HALF PAGE (8.5 X 5.5)  $125    


Senior Ads are sold at a significantly reduced cost from Jostens suggested price of $400/page.  We realize this is a great expense for families, but cannot sell the ads for less without losing money.  In the past, families have purchased ads as extended families, and some families have combined to purchase an ad for multiple students who are close friends- these ads still have plenty of pictures and look great.

We no longer offer online design for parents.  The system was complicated and did not allow background colors and other simple design options.  The online designer also required a much earlier deadline, which did not work for many families. 
We would love to design your student's ad for you, and we will use whatever input you give us.  We are able to use Microsoft Publisher files, PDFs, or other pre-designed ads, if you would like to submit your own design.
IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE email or call MR. FORNIA at 249.1672
Last Modified on March 18, 2014