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language, or disability, can succeed. 

Simpson Staff Directory

Aldrich, Julie (ELL/Hi-Cap)

After School Program Website - Piper Sweeney and Paige Phillips

Barnes, Melissa (Speech-Language Pathologist)

Beck, Suzan (Secretary)

Missy Cain (Paraeducator)

Caton, Tina (Paraeducator)

Cady, Chris (Principal)

Chatt, Cheryl (Library Paraeduacator) - Website

Coffelt, Christina (Psychologist) 

Corbett, Janelle (Grade 5) - Website 

Schuman, Cathy (LAP/Title)

Cranston, Lynn (Grade 3)

Dierick, Jamie (Grade 6) - Website

Ebert, Lacey (Grade 3)

Egger, Emily (Grade 5) 

Ellis, Becky (Paraeducator)

Entus, Yvette (Paraeducator) 

Fredrickson, Erica (Grade 4)

Fry, Jennifer (Paraeducator)

Fry, Sonya (Secretary Assistant)

Galloway, Doug (Physical Education) 

Graves, Julie (Physical Education)

Grubb, Shawn (Grade 3)

Hayes, Christie (Paraeducator) 

Hollatz, Candy (Grade 5)

Huff, Jessica (Grade 5)

Irving, Jennifer (Grade 6) 

Jensen, Kyne (Grade 6) - Website

Kelner, Molly (Paraeducator)

Kukla, Shelby (Grade 6) - Website

Lundquist, Susan (Music) 

Martin, Chad (Grade 6)

McGaffey, William (Custodian) 

McNair, Katie (Paraeducator) 

Moloney, Eileen (Special Education) 

Moore, Becky (Paraeducator) 

Morita, Jeremy (Music)

Niels, Tina (Grade 4) 

Olsen, Lisa (Grade 4)

Osgood, Denise (Paraeducator) 

Pekola, Kirsten (Grade 3)

Peoples, Barbara (Nurse) - Website

Plato, Leann (Grade 4) 

Prince, LeeAnn (Paraeducator) 

Records, Joan (Paraeducator) 

Ridout, Alicia (Paraeducator)

Rodriguez, Carolyne (Special Education) 

Royer, Kim (Nurse) 

Seguin, Janet (Paraeducator)

Spearin, Sandy (Paraeducator)

Thomas, Dan (Grade 5)  -  Website

Trafford, Michelle (Paraeducator)

Tucker, Brittany (Grade 4)

VanBuskirk, Jan (Cook) 

Wisdom, Angie (Counselor)

Wood, Monica (Paraeducator)

Young, Margaret (Grade 3)