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Montesano is a community where people learn,
grow and work together.  With high-quality
instruction, every student, regardless of race, class,
language, or disability, can succeed. 

Breakfast and Lunch

Simpson Elementary's Meal Prices

$2.00 -Breakfast
$2.80 - Lunch
$0.35 -Milk

* Prices subject to change.*

Click here to download the Aug./September breakfast menu
Click here to download the Aug./September lunch menu

Payment Method

Your student has an individual account with Child Nutrition Services that is setup automatically once he/she is enrolled in the Montesano School District. This allows every student the opportunity to prepay for meals. Parents may deposit money (via cash or check) for the day, week, and month or for as long as you wish. Students that have a negative balance will receive a balance reminder note from school. Negative meal balances must be taken care of immediately.

Financial Assistance

Families with financial needs (even temporarily) are able to apply for Free or Reduced Priced Meals for children enrolled in Montesano schools. Please use one application for the entire family. Applications can be found at the Beacon office or by clicking on the links below. Applications and student status are kept confidential. Once approved, your child(ren) are qualified for the entire school year. You do not need to do a new application until the start of the next school year.

Students who qualify for free or reduced price lunch automatically qualify for free or reduced price breakfast.


Application for Free or Reduced Meal Benefits