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True North - Student Assistance Program

Capitol Region ESD 113 True North Student Assistance and Treatment Services provides substance use disorder intervention and treatment in your school district. Confidential sessions are provided in group and individual forms for adolescents between the ages of 12-19.  Services in your district will be provided by Grays Harbor native, Tifanie Gitchell, who is dedicated to helping the youth in our communities overcome the pressures of substance use/experimentation. If you have questions about the services True North can provide please call Tifanie at 360-209-5427. If you would like to schedule an evaluation please call the intake line at 360-464-6867. 



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Parents, teachers, coaches, or other school personnel can refer a student to True North. Referrals can be made for a variety of reasons, including suspected drug use, depression, failing grades, truancy, and other issues.


  • Screening Assessment for substance abuse or dependence.

  • Information about alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs to students or parents. 

  • Many options for services available depending on student needs.

  • Students can request services themselves. 

When a student smokes marijuana or uses alcohol or other drugs, there is no way to predict how he or she will act or what will happen when he or she is high or drunk.  All drugs, including alcohol and marijuana, can be harmful and addictive.  There is no magic number of drug experiences it takes to become addicted.  This is why it is important step up and talk with your child, friend, or student sooner rather than later-you never know what consequences lie ahead if he or she continues to use alcohol and/or other drugs.