The Montesano School Board of Directors meet for their regularly held business meeting  on the fourth Thursday of every month, except during the months of November and December which is set for the third Thursday of the month, unless otherwise advertised. 

Addressing the School Board:

The Board recognizes the value of public comment on education issues and the importance of involving members of the public in its meetings. To that end, the Board will provide a period at an early point in the meeting during which visitors may address the board on subjects not on the agenda. The Board may allow individuals to address the board on select agenda items prior to Board action.

In order to permit fair and orderly comment, individuals who wish to address the Board should fill out a card with their name and the topic on which they wish to speak. Groups or delegations wishing to speak to the Board should identify a spokesperson for the group. The card should identify the speaker and the group represented. Prior to the start of the regular business meeting, the cards will be collected and given directly to the Board President or the Superintendent. For more information regarding 'addressing the school board', please contact the district office at 360.249-3942 to request a copy of the School Board Information Brochure.

2013 - 2014 School Board Meeting Dates:

September 19, 2013,  October 17, 2013,  November 21, 2013, December 19, 2013, 

January 23, 2014, February 27, 2014, March 27, 2014, April 24, 2014, 

May 22, 2014,June 26, 2014, July 24, 2014,  August 28, 2014


School Board Members

 Steve Poler - Chair
Caleb Backholm - Vice Chair 
Dick Stone - Legislative Representative
            Mike Lawr - Board Member and WIAA Representative
Jack Dwyer - Board Member