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Math Expressions

Math Expressions is used in kindergarten through fifth grade. There are several
websites to assist students and parents at home. The entire textbooks, as well as
homework sheets and supplemental activities, are
available online.
To access this information, go to:

  • Select: Mathematics
  • Click on: Math Expressions
  • Select state: Washington
  • Select district: Montesano
  • Select school: Beacon
  • Username:
    • Beaconk (for a kindergarten student)
    • Beacon1 (for a first grade student)
    • Beacon2 (for a second grade student)
    • Beacon3 (for a third grade student)
  • Password: password

Once you are logged in, click on my library; it will take you to the textbook. When you
see an icon for the Math Expressions book, click on it. It will open to the table of
contents and you may navigate to any portion of the book from there. Once you find the
lesson you want, you can review the lesson itself or click on resources. If you go to
resources, you can print out copies of the homework and remembering pages if your
student needs another copy.

For additional math resources: